Non Bank low doc refinancing when your bank questions your income

Are you self employed or a business owner looking to refinance to expand your business, extend your home or need funds for personal reasons, but have only been running profitably for say 6 – 18 months? Have you approached your bank with a new start-up business idea but they have insisted on at least 2 – 3 years of financial account prepared by an accountant? We have access to a number of low doc lenders who might be willing to work with you, even though your bank has said no. We understand that every business faces financial stress, and that one bad year should not ruin your chances of refinancing.

As Non Bank specialists we have a good variety of Non Bank refinancing, and second mortgage lenders that provide up to 80% with low doc solutions which can help you refinance with those non-conforming low doc loans that make sense to you, but not to your bank. Get in touch with Kim or one of our team members today to see how we can help you.

”Shout out to Kim for his awesome help in getting us refinancing of our house.Such a lovely friendly and understanding man. Cheers.”

Sue & Alex, South Auckland
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