Low doc mortgage lenders & low doc loans in NZ

Low doc home loans in NZ are normally used to help self-employed individuals, commission-only contractors and small business operators. Low doc mortgage lenders, which are generally Non Banks, come with terms from 12 months to 30 years, and low doc, as high as 80% of the property valuation, provides opportunities for those who want to buy a home, start a business, or require extra funds for expanding their business.

You might have been to your bank, who insisted on at least 2-3 years of financial accounts prepared by an accountant. If your bank averages your incomes over this period and you have had one bad year, it can ruin your chances of getting a mortgage.

Low doc loan in NZ can work for you if you have good equity in your home or property, but often as a result of the peaks and troughs all businesses go through, cash flow has fluctuated and you want to refinance up to 80% to consolidate your debts or inject further capital into your business. We work with a number of Non Bank low doc mortgage lenders, nominee, and second mortgage lenders that provide up to 80% low doc, easy income verification solutions which can help you with non-conforming low doc loans. Call today to chat to one of our friendly team members.

”Fantastic, solved the problem of getting us into our home in a non bank capacity. We are self employed, just returned from the UK. Being non bank the costs were greater than a bank but better than no options at all. Thanks for the great service guys.”

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