Non Bank new-build house mortgages & residential construction lending

We specialise in arranging Non Bank construction finance for new builds in New Zealand, which means finance to build your own new home, for renovations, or for spec builds.

In some cases your bank has not approved sufficient finance or has delayed payment to contractors pending further construction progress, and in these instances a second mortgage may help.

Our experience has given us many insights into building a new home, you can chat to one of our residential construction lending specialists about where to buy land, who to use as your builder, and what kind of development finance you will need. In the first instance we will always look for bank funding up to 85%.

We have working knowledge of new build house mortgages for the construction of new homes, for renovations, or for spec builds, and have helped many clients with both bank and Non Bank development finance. Our goal is to make sure that the funding is planned and structured correctly, so that there is no additional stress for you, being the owner, or the builder and the lender.

This is why it is so important that you get the funding right. Whilst some Banks will lend up to 80% of land and build costs, we have access to 85% Bank funding if you are using a well-known building brand. For Non Bank lenders, 70% would be a guideline, and we also have experience with finance for relocatable and transportable homes.

A new build is an exciting prospect, but it is important you seek good advice about your new build house mortgage, and look to work with financial advisers who have both funded the construction of, and built their own homes here in New Zealand.

”We have been dealing with Kim Lyons for approximately six years. Our requirements have changed during this time necessitating some quite creative thinking by Kim, he has the ability to think outside the cube. He has a relaxed, friendly way of dealing with clients while still maintaining a high standard of professional efficiency. Nothing ever seems to be the slightest trouble, meeting at venues and times that are convenient to you and explaining everything clearly and concisely.”

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