Non Bank low deposit home loans could be the answer

Do you need low deposit finance but feel as if your options with traditional banks have run out? Even if you fall outside of qualification guidelines we can help you with a low deposit Non Bank home loan, giving you easy-to-understand advice and help through the process.

We make it our business to know what loans will work for you, and which Non Bank lenders can give low deposit home loans. Kim, our Non Bank expert, has a few guidelines for you to think about, that will assist us help you, if you are applying for a home loan through a Non Bank:

• Have you worked for the same employer for the last year or do you have multiple income streams, as you have 2 or 3 jobs?
• Do you pay your credit card, HP, and rent on time each month, and do you make sure your bank account does not go into overdraft?
• Do you spend too much money on your current lifestyle?
• Has your debt piled up or are you in the habit of budgeting and saving each month?
• Have you prepared a detailed budget that shows you have the necessary funds to service a low deposit home loan?
• Are you just looking for a second chance as you are sick of being told no?

If you would like to know more about Non Bank home loans, and whether you can apply for a low deposit home loan, then contact one of the team today, as they will be open minded and understanding.

”We are so pleased with the help and advice we received from Kim. We were very unsure about how we could sort our finances out and had been turned down by the bank. Kim was extremely helpful and so easy to deal with. We conducted almost all the correspondence via email, which made things much easier for me. Kim made everything very easy and really reduced our stress at a difficult time. Thank you for your great service.”

M Nelson NZ