We are the Non Bank refinancing experts

Bad credit history, repayment issues post Covid lockdowns, the threat of a mortgagee sale or you are just  in trouble with your Bank as you are late with your Council rates? We are the Non Bank refinancing experts. Helping you sleep again at night.

Do you have bad credit or Bank problems and are looking for refinancing? You might be needing a second chance but no one listens, want to refinance up to 80%, but have bad credit or late repayments. For many of us bad credit could not be helped, as it was the result of a business failure, unemployment, Covid, a separation, or a critical illness or accident in the family that could even have led to the threat of a mortgagee sale.

As Non Bank specialists we have helped so many clients over the years save their homes with through refinancing, often at short notice as no one else could help or were charging astronomical interest rates and fees. Our experience has shown that often the best way to find a solution is to lay all the cards on the table and we talk about it, then  a Non Bank refinancing option may then need to be arranged. Refinancing and debt consolidation are usually a great way to put all your problems in just one basket, so that you can then focus on paying them off as fast as possible.

If you have bad debt and your current mortgage on your home is below 80% of market value, then there are Non Bank options to refinance up to 80%. Even though adverse credit situations are becoming more and more common, there are only a few lenders in the market who will assist, and our expertise is finding the right Non Bank lender for you.

You may already be with Non Bank lender and looking to refinance to a lower rate, as you now in a better position. This may not always be to a Bank, but there may be options to refinance and save as much as 4% pa! Now that’s worth doing.

We are prepared to listen if you have late repayments, a bad credit history or under the threat of a mortgagee sale and need help refinancing. We have helped many clients in these situations for a long time, so chat to one of our experienced team members today.