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Building, Do Ups, Specs, Leakers & Land Banks with a Non Bank lender

Kim and the team at Non Bank have many clients who are involved with spec builds, short term residential do-ups and on-sells, subdividing larger lots into smaller titles, or looking to secure land for future projects.

Another niche in which we have developed a significant client base, with ongoing referrals, is the repair of earthquake damaged homes and to a lesser degree, non CCC,  leaky buildings and homes contaminated with meth.

Typically, finance is of a short-term nature allowing time for the works to be completed and signed off, then the properties are sold or we assist with refinancing them onto a long term basis, often as rentals.

Our Financial Advisers are happy to assist you with enquiries ranging from subdividing your back lawn, either to sell or build a new home for you or as a rental, helping with a short term do-up or remedial works, through to subdividing larger sites into smaller lots for home and land packages.