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"Solving Problems with Solutions”

These people are absolutely wonderful, fast, friendly and go to all extremes to help. Their friendly natures make you feel so comfortable and I would never go anywhere else again. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants a good honest deal done.

Experienced with most Non Bank Lenders in NZ Creating Simple Financial Solutions.

Pioneer brokers for Non Bank lending in New Zealand, NonBk Ltd has always led the way and been committed to helping you to understand alternative lending solutions – for when your Bank says NO!  

Non Bank lenders offer you more lending options when buying your first home, investment property, commercial property, or rural property. We evaluate the opportunities based on your financial position, past history, and future goals in order to help you purchase a home or another property, giving you expert financial advice and recommendations to achieve your mortgage goals. NonBk Ltd will help you with the entire mortgage application process, considering details such as mortgage rates, income sources, credit history, terms and establishing a borrowing strategy for your home loan or commercial application. Our financial advisors work with professional Non Bank lenders offering structured solutions to clients across NZ and Kiwis who have flown the nest.  

Every financial need and situation is different. The rules and criteria for residential, investment and commercial properties are also constantly changing, as are interest rates. It is important to seek advice from professionals. Our specialist team will also help with the process of refinancing to exit a Bank if they are forcing this or return to a bank lending finance option if your financial affairs are all now in order. Giving you a top tier, long term lending service for all your mortgage needs.  

Whilst our Mortgage Brokers and Financial Advisers are based in Auckland, we deal with Non Bank clients & lenders all over New Zealand and have the benefit of being able to present your loan application directly to the decision makers. Along the way we can explain any challenges you are facing, simplifying the arduous mortgage processes and clarifying the details that go into -approving your loan.  

We are here to make lending simple, to help you buy, build or refinance a house, and buy rental or commercial property!  


As one of the first mortgage broker firms in New Zealand to offer Non Bank lending financial solutions, we also recognised the need to promote this information to the New Zealand public to let them know that their Bank manager does not hold all the strings, there are other options. We then launched the first website dedicated totally to providing you with Non Bank information to help you, when your bank or current lender says NO! Non Bank gives you more lending options if you are looking for low deposit home loans, home loans with bad credit, have hard to prove income, if you need help refinancing, possibly due to a mortgagee sale, or for second mortgages and commercial property finance.

The term “Non Bank Lending”, “NonBank”, “Bank Alternative” or “Second Tier” simply refers to those lenders who are involved in the business of providing finance, but are not the traditional registered banks like ANZ, ASB, HSBC, Kiwibank, Bank of New Zealand, TSB & Westpac. We will be happy to help you with this as well.

Our mortgage broking firm deals with many Non Bank lenders who are more flexible when structuring loans or mortgages so that they fit the purpose you need them for, rather than complying with the policy of a faceless back-office credit department that you have no access to or control over.

Whilst our mortgage brokers are based in Auckland, we deal with Non Bank clients & lenders all over New Zealand and have the benefit of being able to present your loan direct to the decision makers. We are then able to explain any challenges you are facing, such as gifted deposits, bad credit, hard-to-prove income, and missed repayments, rather than you trying to negotiate your own way through layers of bureaucracy.

Non Bank, where you go when your Bank say no!