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If you would like more information, or you just want to check to see if we can provide a better non bank proposal, use our online enquiry form or contact us on:

 0800 2328 48 (0800 BEAT IT)

Because you can't always bank on your Bank!

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, we hope that this has given you both a greater understanding of what other financial options may exist for you and given you some hope that what you may have thought impossible, could now become a reality.

Our goal is to have a nationwide team of financial advisers who we can direct you to and this will evolve over time.

We will happily answer all emails but encourage you to complete our online enquiry form, so that we have a better understanding of how we can assist you.

Our commitment to you, is to do our very best to respond to your online enquiry within 12 hours, 7 days a week, 364 days a year. You can bank on that.

Alternatively please direct your enquiries as below,


Contact: Kim Lyons
Phone: (09) 477 4902
Fax: (09) 478 6951
Toll Free: 0800 2328 48 (0800 BEAT IT)
Mobile: 021 73 99 22

Address (Physical):

16 Aberdeen Road
Castor Bay
New Zealand

Address (Postal):

PO Box 305 306
Triton Plaza
North Shore City 0757
New Zealand

Because you can't always bank on your Bank!

NonBk Ltd is not a Registered Bank