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Non Bank dancing on the ceiling with Lionel Richie

Non Bank living on the edge!

Living on the edge

Non Bank defies gravity, not to be tried at home!

Non Bank slalom skiing at lake Rotoiti, Rotorua

Non Bank tries Master Chef

Mortgage Broker Kim Lyons - Nonbank

Non Bank Kim Lyons 2013 PAA Conference Awards Dinner

Mortgage Broker Kim Lyons - PAA Conference Awards Dinner 2013

Non Bank meets netball Super Star Temepara George at Resimac launch in Auckland NZ

Mortgage Broker Kim Lyons Temepara George - Resimac launch

Non Bank client drives a nice Truck and let's me have a sit in it!

Non Bank the Truckie Mortgage Broker

Non Bank celebrates my wife's last birthday!

NonBank - Mortgage Broker Birthday

NonBk Ltd is not a Registered Bank