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Non Bank Lenders for First and Second Mortgages

With Banks maintaining rigid controls on new and existing lending, non bank lenders are fronting up when times are tough.

Mortgage Lenders

The number of different enquiries we receive from both possible new clients and existing financial advisers in our network is always amazing. Just when you think that you have considered every possible lending scenario, you receive an application with a new twist or quirk.

For this reason we are always interested in talking to those with funds to lend, such as Finance Companies, Solicitor Nominee Lenders or even, a Non Bank Australian Lender looking to join the New Zealand market place. If you have a point of difference from an existing funder, as far as pricing or flexibility goes, lets set up a time to meet.

It is clear that the risk pendulum for traditional lenders is very much in the “proceed with caution” mode and whilst there are signs that this may ease over the years ahead, there will be a long period where there are many borrowers looking for Non Bank lenders to take advantage of opportunities that the bankers can not quite get their heads around.

If you are registered with the NZ Companies Office as a Financial Service Provider, and have funds to lend for residential, commercial or business purposes, and would like to discuss joining our panel of lenders, please contact us.

NonBk Ltd is not a Registered Bank